Comments and Reviews

“DFM’s resident poet gets in yer face and stays in your head. Lancaster’s next hidden gem” Philip Cowles, Diversity FM

“Now I’m not big on poems, but this lad held my attention from start to finish. Trevor’s fast paced style is addictive to the senses and left you wanting more. The rest of the performers sat and watched as a new talent showed them what hard work and thought can do. A shining light in the doldrums of poetry” Bryan Dickinson, Big Tree Productions

“Trev won hands down”, Sue Seddon, Great British Life (On Trev’s poetry slam win)

“Trev Meaney has warmth, wit and presence. He reads the mood of his audience and quickly charms them with his mixture of deference and biting observations. I needed someone who could lift the energy at the mid-point of an event and then end proceedings with a bang – Trev did just that, improvising and performing a poem that had the audience howling and cheering. Versatile, sharp and very funny: one to watch”,  Mollie Baxter, Back and Beyond launch night organiser

“Trev Meaney, witty satire at breakneck speed! John Cooper Clark without the sunglasses!” Richard Stott, Manchester Comedy Festival

“Very good love it, endearing, like a runaway train of words, very enjoyable”,  

“Stunning, rhythmic, melodic, passionate, energetic. He’ll go far, he deserves to” 

         “Fantastic, loved it”           “Great word player”            “Brill-funny, original”      Embryo 70 at Studio Salford (official audience feedback)

“A naturally funny man. Gives the impression of looking lost on stage but thats where he belongs. If you’ve got one put him on it”, Michael Crowley, Studio Liverpool

“Trev stunned audiences at Apples and Snakes open mic night with a wildly energetic performance and a warm presence. I wouldn’t hesitate to allow him to perform at any event”, Ann Wilson, Apples and Snakes

“FAB!!! Trev Meaney launched the evening off in fantastic style”, Jane Brunning, Wordsoup

“Exceptionally funny and full of energy”,  Michele Aldridge, Sparkle Lounge

“CERTAINLY worth a listen” Preston Arts

“Great rhythm and exciting charisma” The Visitor


“Funny, clever- professional presentation”

“Love the multiple rhymes with each stanza, great performance! Very funny!”

“Beautiful energy, very entertaining, loved the rhymes”

“Brilliant!”, ” ‘Mr Universe’, nice take on people in our society, good energy”

” ‘Mr Universe’, great creation/impression. ‘Lancaster to London’, great”, “All great great”

“Great chat/sense of humor in between poems”

“Chicken poem- great!” “Boring subject made fun” “Really good”

“Fast and furious”

“Excellent. So funny!!!”

“Eh Trevor dead clever, easy now safe man. More more more!”

“Low key presentation for high power stuff. Brilliant and cleverness” “Exceptional stuff- very talented indeed. Brilliant, true to life”

“Lovely. Nice rapport with the audience, great performance and delivery”

“Great inventive material”

“Fantastic! Charming and thoroughly engaging! Very clever!”

“Well presented quick and fun. Keep it up! Excellent. 10/10”

” ‘Mr Universe’ reminded me of my ex! Hilarious! Awesome! I hope to see soooo much more of this guy! xx VG”

“Clever and funny. I particularly enjoyed the rhyming of mergin’ and virgin”

 (All audience members were provided with ‘comment’ sheets and then collated, forwarded to each artist via email by event organiser.)


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